Thursday, 6 August 2009

Andrea and Sally go out to dinner

A few weeks ago … the second Tuesday of July (14/07/2009) to be precise, my wife Sally had her first experience of a transvestite get-together when she came along to the TV Dinner at Kathie and Billie’s.

She had met Laura, Billie, Kathie and Mandy before … but only ever one TV at a time and never outnumbered.

This evening provided an opportunity to be very outnumbered and to meet almost a dozen girls. It was also the first ever joint outing that Sally and Andrea have had.

So much has changed over the past couple of years.

As always it was a really nice evening … and even more especially nice than usual. Sally enjoyed it a lot as well.

It made me smile that Sally pretty much always referred to me using my “man name” rather than as Andrea.

Nicky mentioned that whilst on a night out not so long ago a girl (real as opposed to t) had asked if she fancied swapping clothing. The mind boggles.

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