Monday, 18 February 2013

TV Dinners and how to deal with oozing boobs

Last Tuesday (February 12th) was a TV (as in TransVestite) dinner at Billie and Kathie’s.

Nice, as always, to meet up with friends.

Laura shared the fact that she’s had a little accident recently.

If memory serves me right, the culprit was something like a renegade wire in an underwired bra.

Anyway … one morning Laura picked up a boob (a lot of we t-girl’s have fully detachable bosoms) and discovered it was oozing silicone.

Her first thought was to get a hold of some superglue.

On second thoughts she used a sticking plaster and then consulted  Google.

It seems that silicone sealant works a treat.

And as you can see from the picture taken on the night it did the trick:


And if you ever experience a boob with a bra wire or even a cat’s claw, then there’s advice here.

It’s amazing what you learn at a TV dinner.

The other piece of trivia was provided by Katie. Did you know that palladium is hallmarked (like gold and silver). Kathie did.

And here am I, taken just after getting back from the evening out:


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