Monday, 27 October 2014

In which Tina gets alarmed and Andrea finds a use for a house brick

There was a Surrey Swans meeting last Sunday … you can read a bit more about  Surrey Swans here.

I arrived at about 19:15. Sam was already there. Mark and Vikki arrive soon after.

Tina and Laura arrive a little after 19:30.

Tina says hello to Sam and Vikki.

And then.


Is it a fire?

Some kind of an attack?

Whatever it is … it pierces ears.

The truth of the matter, I think, dates back to Sparkle in July 1012.

It was here, I think, that Tina and I received a free “Defender Cooper Torch” Personal Safety Alarm with Independent Ultra Bright White Torch with a 130dB Siren from members of the police force.


An image of


We have the black ones.

I think I would have preferred the puppy.

Mine is in a drawer. Still in its box.

Tina’s is attached to her handbag.

Well it had been.

Until the evening of Sunday 26th October 2014.

It could have been Sam. Or Vikki. Or the table.

Whoever or whatever.

The alarm is on the floor.

And we are alarmed.

Andrea picks it up.

There’s a little hole at one end where a pin used to be inserted.

Now that there is no pin the alarm is doing its job quite effectively.

On the floor there is no sign of a pin.

Andrea takes the alarm outside and wraps her hand around it, wondering how long the battery on these things lasts.

We search Tina’s handbag.

Tina checks the floor near the table.

And returns.


And pin less.

Wrapping a hand round the alarm makes it a lot less noisy.

But it could go on for a long time.

“Let’s take the battery out”.

The alarm case has tiny little screws.

Whatever else is in Andrea’s handbag tonight, there is no tiny little screwdriver.

But there in the corner of the yard is a stack of not so tiny house bricks.

Andrea looks at Tina.

Tina looks at Andrea.

And soon, the alarm is no more.

Though it did take three weighty whacks.

We discover that silence is not golden.

The Ultra Bright White Torch continues to shine.

But the silence is definitely welcome.

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