Thursday, 20 November 2014

Touched by the music of Martyn Joseph

Last Saturday I went along to a Martyn Joseph concert at Windsor Baptist Church.

I’d been to a concert of his at Nettlebed Folk Club a year or two ago and I think once in the dim distant past sometime … maybe at Greenbelt.

And … well … wow.

So many songs touched me. It’s not often that I have felt so moved at a concert.

Here are a few songs.

So Many Lies

So Many Lies–Martyn Joseph


The words are here. I think there is a typo in the chorus at the beginning which is actually:

So many lies, such a small world
So many lies, day by day by day by day
I say we find some snow, and throw it their way
So many lies, such a short day

I was especially touched by the words of the final verse:

I’ve seen it all
Got my mind fixed in the dark
Fundamental thuggery
With reserved places to park
But there’ll always be snowmen
And bright angels in boots
To kiss the world beautiful
And to raise up hell with the truth

Such a wonderful contrast between fundamental thuggery and bright angels in boots to kiss the world beautiful.

And then here is People Crazy Like Me.

People Crazy as Me–Martyn Joseph

Always thought a man should have a dream
To pick himself up when he’s hit the floor
A fundamental right to some equality
In case some old bigot comes knocking at his door

Always thought a woman she should have the same
With equal rights attached to her name
Maybe they could raise a little family
And pass the message onto somebody

I look around sometimes I see
People crazy as me

Always thought the needy should come first
Lighten their burden, lift the curse
And give the old something new
Like our grateful hearts for all they’ve been through

I never thought that we should see them sick
As we take away the hospitals brick by brick
And build our stadiums up so high
Got a little contradiction here in my eye

I look around sometimes I see
People crazy as me

Always thought a child should have the chance
To be embraced by love and with her dance
To make mistakes but know the touch of grace
And if you beat on them then you’re a disgrace

Always give the time of day to anyone
Don’t be ignorant and don’t you poke fun
Don’t just deal with those who can give you gain
You should treat everybody just the same

Don’t think we’re supposed to understand
Every card placed in our hand
But I think that we are meant to know
We are not alone, we are not alone

Always thought that we should live with hope
But never trample on those who just can’t cope
With righteousness not far away
A little bit of redemption gonna save the day

I look around sometimes I see
People crazy as me
I look around sometimes I see
People crazy as me


and here is Kiss the World Beautiful:

Kiss the World Beautiful–Martyn Joseph


and The Luxury of Despair:

The Luxury of Despair–Martyn Joseph


And He Never Said is here:

He Never Said–Martyn Joseph

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