Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Am I a Trans Femme Addict?

I know. I admit it. It must be an addiction.

Anyway, a couple of weeks back I paid Tracey and Nikki another visit (http://www.trans-femme.co.uk/).

I am improving in some ways. I don’t feel it to be so absolutely essential to take along 5 pairs of shoes, 5 skirts, four dresses, 4 shirts ... I am almost able to plan what I’d like to wear on the basis that I’ll wear three outfits and just take those.

Well almost only those.

But it still needs an awfully big suitcase for a three hour trip.

It’s nice though.

I really enjoy just sitting there and being made up. I remember distinctly the first time that happened at Fiona Floyds. I had no idea what to expect and was amazed! It seemed to take forever. And how hard it was not to blink as the eye liner and mascara approached my eye ball.

The chance of a cup of tea and a chat and the photos are great as well. The experience doesn’t lose any of its magic.

The making up and dressing and photographic experience is, I know, life changing for people.

For me there was, and is, something very special about being accepted as who I am. To be myself and to not have to feel guilty about a part of me.

The photo shoot was unusual for me in that Tracey took some of the pictures and Nick took some as well. The specially nice thing is how easy they make it to pose and enjoy the experience.

Anyway ... here is a small selection of the pictures.

And no ... the ropes were not fastened tightly enough to keep me completely subdued. And it was much easier to smile than it was to put on an appearance of fear and trepidation.

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Pretty Sissy Dani said...

you look great as always, Andrea. Wish there were a place like that near me!

BTW, please visit and comment on my most recent pics, as well.