Monday, 30 March 2009

Swans and plans

Last night was a Surrey Swans evening. The first one of Spring. I’m told that this can be significant because it’s the first one of the year that involves travelling to the venue in what still is, just about, daylight.

I remember the first little dash that I made from the front door to the car door in daylight with a dress and makeup on. Heart rate was definitely a little faster than normal. It’s quite a challenge.

I’ve no real idea what the neighbours have seen of Andrea. No one has said anything.

A tgirl that I know that is separated from her partner did tell me once that, after the separation, the partner had commented on the fact that she’d seen the new girlfriend driving the car around town. In fact, the new girlfriend wasn’t a girlfriend … she was the tgirl. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before someone asks who the strange blonde woman is that keeps popping in and out of the house?

It was, as ever, good to see people and to chat. The chance to dress and makeup means more to me and makes more difference to me than I often realise. It seems like hassle sometimes … shaving and makeup are definitely hassle. But there’s something about the whole experience … a kind of transformation … that makes it more than worthwhile.

It was nice to get to know Tanya a little and to share something of our own experiences. Our wives have quite a lot to get to grips with.

A date is now set for Susan, Julia and myself to call in at the bridal wear shop for a trying-on evening.

Claire, who works at the shop came across this blog and emailed me ages ago asking if I and a few friends might fancy an evening at the shop trying things on and maybe buying something if there was anything we especially liked. It’s taken a while, but, at last,  April 23rd is the date.

I bought a pair of white shoes last week in the hope that they’ll go well with the dresses … oh and also a pair of pink ones. My male counterpart has never had so many shoes as Andrea. Most TV’s that I know share the same excessive shoe experience. I think the evening will be a lot of fun … 


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the contact details for the person who organises the Surrey Swans at The Lion brewery please

Andrea said...

Hi ... if you contact me by email I can let you have an email address.