Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bosoms and bras

Dani has glammed me up in the wedding and cocktail dress pictures as you can see below.

A lot less wrinkles, fuller lips, magnificent bosom, fuller lips, shiny tiara, spectacular eyebrows and shadow. I need to book an appointment! I’ll definitely try the darker shadow.




Quite a lot of colour added to this one. Lips, eyes and cheeks. I think I prefer the darker eyes, though.



Thank you Dani … I love them! There’s a link to Dani’s blog at the top of my list of Nice Places on the left.

Susan emailed me a few other pictures from last Thursday … so here goes:


from susan IMG_1171_1280x960


from susan IMG_1173_1280x960

And Susan Bunny taken on a completely different evening:


from susan IMG_1150_720x960

Very cute tail!

Most of Sunday was spent in London where my younger daughter was running in the marathon. I think I was more exhausted at the end of it than she was. She ran 26.2 miles in 4 hours and 20 seconds. We didn’t see much of her during the run, but she did great!

In the evening it was a night out at the Surrey Swans.

It was quite cute arriving there. The car park was full, so it meant parking at the side of the pub and walking round to the entrance. There was a guy sitting in a Landover in the car park … waiting for someone, I guess. He looked twice as I walked past, lol.

As always, it was great to see people. Most of the evening I chatted with Emma, Laura, Billie and Didi.

I won a handbag!

We’ve planned a trip to Pink Punters on May 9th, so I’m looking forwards to that already and thinking about what to wear. I think it will be the short black dress. But who knows!

Nikki can’t make it – but she sent me a cute email with details on experiences with the bra fitting service at Marks & Spencer’s. She is definitely a 36C, it seems. Maybe June 6th will work out for an additional trip.

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