Thursday, 25 February 2010

Same and Shame

A short while ago there was a program on TV about Transvestites Wives. It was also about Transvestites.

One of the TV’s lived in Yorkshire. In male mode, he works in the steel industry and explained that his work colleagues know nothing of his female self. Though if any of them are interested in the concept of Transvestite wives, I expect that everyone knows now.

Another who lived in Scotland explained how local people had tried to get them to move away.

One tgirl went out with one of the couples for a first trip out as a girl in the daylight. They spent a day in Blackpool. Nothing especially bad happened. But there were taunts.

I think that one of the feelings shared by everyone was a desire to just be allowed to get on with living and to be themselves.

Society has a mixed track record  on this.

It seems that there are quite a lot of people who find it very difficult to live with people who are different than themselves.

That’s why there are places where it’s hard to be gay. Or lesbian. Or Christian. Or Muslim. Or female. Or transgendered. Or black. Or Asian. Or disabled.

During a lunchtime walk I thought about this.

It seems that there are people who want to attach some kind of shame to other people.


There is no shame in being.

The shame is theirs who mock and taunt.

Or give the blame to God.

A God of the same.

Unable to accept the different.

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