Monday, 8 February 2010

While and Matthews, Poles, Love and Fear

Having listened quite a lot more to Chris While and Julie Matthews ( , I must say I like them a lot.

I bought the CD from Amazon’s download site and spent quite a while searching out lyrics of the songs somewhere on the WEB … with no luck at all until tonight. Googling for “distant as the poles” came back with a hit …the parent page of which is: which has lots of lyrics.

I mentioned the song Distant as the Poles in an earlier post.You can listen to the first bit at: (click the preview button when you get there) and also there is a version from a fan.


And the words:

Distant as the poles
Julie Matthews
From the album ‘Quest’
While and Matthews

You cannot hold her anymore
Though everyday I see you try
She's bursting with the urge to run and fly
And where she's bound you cannot hope to be
As distant as the poles and the poles will never meet

She chases comets in the sky
One day she'll catch one in a jar
You would rather watch them from afar
And what she dreams you cannot hope to see
As distant as the poles and the poles will never meet

The tighter that you hold her
The wider bridges grow
The more you try to mould her
The less she'll come to show

You cannot hold her anymore
So have the heart to say goodbye
And open up the cage and let her fly
A blazing trail of comets in the sky
And love her just enough to set her free
As distant as the poles and the poles will never meet


When I first listened to the song it reminded me of the feelings of a parent as a child grows … the pain of letting go. And yet there isn’t another way.

I think that as time has passed I’ve learned, a little at least,  that holding onto people too tightly seems to be a sure fire way of pushing them away.

Driving back from work tonight I thought of the way that futility of getting things by force. The way that compulsion seems to be doomed to failure.

Ultimately, it seems, we do what we want to because we want to do it rather than because we have to do it.

The things we do out of compulsion don’t last. The first chance we get … we do something else.

I think it explains why, in the end, love is stronger than fear.

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