Monday, 17 May 2010

Balls, Gowns and Bicycle Tyres

Slowly but surely Sparkle is approaching.

A few weeks ago Tina and I booked tickets for the ball … along with Laura and Billie.

Ball gowns are optional says the publicity material.

I decided to take a look around anyways. Not necessarily for a ball gown … just a long evening dress.

Last week Sally and I took a look around Windsor but found nothing. We didn’t actually visit all the shops … just the ones that might have something in the “not totally insane” kind of price bracket.

Yesterday we had a wander around Slough.

It involved quite a lot of walking … but eventually we spotted a little something at the Jane Norman section at Debenhams’s.

Here it is:


Not ultra-extravagant, but I do like it.

On getting back home I was co-opted to fix a puncture in a bicycle tyre.

On the good side … it was the front one.

On the bad side … I hate breaking my finger nails.

So I tried wearing gardening gloves.

On the good side … I lost only a little piece of one fingernail.

On the bad side … having got the wheel off, and the inner tube out … gone through the process of filling the bowl of water … pumping up the inner tube … and patiently moving it around in the water looking for bubbles … there were no bubbles. None at all.

Next time someone (aka Sally) says there is a puncture in a bicycle tyre I think I’ll just pump it up and leave it for a day or two before getting out the spanners (that’s wrenches in American, I think … and tyre is loosely translated as tire).

All in all, sorting out the fingernails took longer than sorting out the tyre. But … sorting out the dress took even longer.

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