Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Philosophy or Dung

Here I mentioned my ongoing discussions with the webmaster at

So here is my previous comment and the reply.

Thank you also Webmaster. I'm sorry that you feel my blog is "obviously" nothing more than a self indulgent ego trip. I'm impressed that you have read my whole blog ... I'm not aware of anyone else in the world that has done that, so thank you. I think though that to say that there is "no reason" in the whole of my blog ... well ... honestly ... that just isn't true. Honestly ... if I could look you in the eye and say this I would ... I firmly and honestly believe that the assertion that there is "no reason" in my blog is not true. This assertion is a lie. I would be very happy to meet you one day to discuss this further if you were willing. My whole life I have been a studious person ... ask my family or friends. I realise that some of what the Bible says is not easy to understand. But this has no relevance to my non-studious answers to the studious questions posed on your web site. I apologise if you find my reasoning difficult to follow - but honestly I am happy to meet with you so that you can explain to me and I can explain to you.
I know ...from your perspective I am blinded by Satan ... a dog that has turned to its own vomit ... a sow wallowing back in the mire. But from my perspective things are different.

It comes across that you are totally deluded in your philosophy ( so called ) and spoiled with vain deceit. Your blog is of a falsehood. I wouldn't waste any time browsing through your blog, I have enough dung to pick up after my dog.
There's one thing for sure though, The Lord Jesus is faithful.
2Ti 2:13
If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.

I’ve signed off on the discussion. I don’t know how to have a rational conversation with such a person. My losing words:

Dear Webmaster,
Your words speak for themselves.
I'm sorry that your mind and heart seem to be too small to have the common courtesy to discuss things in a polite and adult fashion.
The reason I assumed you had read my blog is that you said: "Andrea, you talk about having “reason” but have none in your whole blog."
If someone were to tell me that there is no sense in the whole Bible ... and then tell me that they had never taken the time to read the whole Bible ... well I would be unimpressed.
I will now leave you to follow your delusions as you are leaving me to follow mine.
I'm sorry that you don't seem to be prepared to discuss things nor to answer any questions or respond to challenges in any way other than belittling and insulting the person that asks the questions.
You know ... I Peter 3:15 says:
"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and [be] ready always to [give] an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear."
I'm really, really sorry that you are not able to do this. Don't you feel that you do your Lord a disservice?
I feel that your Guest book isn't a place to continue this ... and realise that I am becoming an unwelcome guest.
So ... it's goodbye.
But please ... email me if you would like one day to discuss things. I'm always ready to try to explain why I believe what I believe to anyone that asks me.

So … there you go. Which one of us is deluded?

At the last check … the webmaster deleted the above message … adding the text to the end of the previous posting:

Heretical blog removed from site guest book

I think I am almost proud to be a heretic.

A little later I tried adding the message to the guestbook again. It was deleted again.

And then again. But was informed that my IP Address was banned from the guest book.

So … accepting the challenge … using a proxy server … posted the message again.

The reply is:

Yet Again:
Andrea, you came to this site and said that the KJV1611 bible was full of errors and the reasons were on your blog and named the page. I checked out that "blog," (named)whole and fully.
I was the one who asked you questions not the other way about as you are now pretending. You have gave not one iota of proof that the KJV1611 bible is in error.
As anyone can plainly read on our guestbook, we are more than willing to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.
There is only one here who is delusioned and thats you Andrea, because I have already emailed you with the question and you refuse to explain why you believe what you believe.
But up you pop on the guestbook again, under false pretense.

Also the:

Heretical blog removed from site guest book


stuff has been removed.

I said in my last message that I would not add more to the guestbook, so I won’t.

However I have received no email. And I have made no pretences.

To be honest … there has maybe been mix-up of terms and phrases here. The terms blog and blog posting seem to have been misunderstood. And perhaps the idea of emailing a question with posting a question on the guestbook.

I did, however, say goodbye to the guest book. So I’ll leave it at that and maybe will eventually receive an email?

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