Monday, 6 September 2010

Austrian Walking and Emergency Calls

We recently got back from a walking holiday in the Upper Inn valley area of Austria.

In addition to walking more kilometres in any two week period ever I managed to read three and a half books.

The walking was great … amazing scenery … and only a minor amount of foot pain. Mostly good weather. Nice people. Excellent food.

The Austrian Tyrol is a place of mountains, valleys and villages. Many shades of green.

It is also a place of crucifixes … almost on every street corner.

We stayed in a village named Ladis near Fiss and Serfaus.

Over the two weeks I managed to take over 1200 photos. Here’s a small selection:

A view of the villages:


Walking above the birds:


A blade of grass:



A view of the upper Inn valley:


The church at Ladis at dusk:


Hanging around:


More hanging around:


A cloud and a tree:


A butterfly:


The walk down t0 lake Reschen, Italy:


In Serfaus there is a small subway. This picture was taken inside one of the carriages:


Having searched Wikepedia … I now know that NOTRUF means “Emergency Call”.

At the time, it amused me as a kind of philosophical statement … you have to sound it phonetically and pronounce the F as TH.

I know. It’s sad. But it amused me enough to prompt me to take the photograph.

The books that I read … well one of them at least … did give me some food for thought. More of that in a future post, perhaps.

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