Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Pink Punters, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and Police Woman’s Panties

The Pink Punters visit on Saturday 29th was, as ever, great.

I’m managing to fit everything I need for the night into just one suitcase … not an especially small one … but not huge.

Laura arrived at about 4:00 pm and we set off.

There’d been an accident on the M4, just before the M25 exit, so the trip took rather longer than usual.

Usual kind of start to the evening. Check in. Makeup. Dress. Dinner at the hotel. Change. Then across the road to Pink Punters.

I think we were the first in … at least our names ended up at the top of the first page in the list of visitors for the evening.

We spent a while chatting with each other and then with different people through the evening.

It being so close to Halloween, quite a few people were dressed for the occasion. We met Wonder Woman, for example, accompanied by Cat Woman. There were quite a few cheerleaders around.

Wonder Woman had needed to invest quite a lot of time in putting a red skin on her boots. I never knew you could get such a thing as boot skins.

On a visit to the ladies I was just on my way out when a girl said:

“I can’t see so well … can you tell me what that says?”

My specs are in my handbag … so I can’t see so well either.

But I look in the direction that she is pointing. Stoop down a little and start to read.

“Tonight I am your Police Woman.”

Round about this point I notice the location of the words that I’m reading.

A girl is leaning forwards with her hands resting on the wall … bottom pushed out a little. Jeans slid down enough to reveal the pattern on her panties which are decorated with the words that I’m reading.

My face just a few inches away.

Well … like I said … my specs were in my handbag.

We danced a little. And sat some more and chatted.

Here’s me with Laura:


And again … but I’m not quite sure who we are with:


The Pink Punter photographer did take a picture of us with Wonder Woman and Cat Woman … but it’s not made it to the web site yet.

Talked with a couple of girls at the bar and then later with Paula and Sally.

It was nice to compare some life experiences with Paula. She is a TS. Neither of us really understand “gender” really … but are happy enough just learning to be ourselves. Paula mentioned a work colleague who is also TS but married and usually still inhabits a male world at home … but a female one at work.

Time always passes quickly. At two am all of a sudden it is 1:00 am again.

Eventually … at round about 4:00 am we head back to the hotel. By about 5:00 the makeup is removed and it’s time to get some sleep.

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