Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Swans, Diamonds and BBC Radio Berkshire

Last Sunday was a Surrey Swans night. We had a visit from Lynne and Claire from Femesque. It was an excellent evening. Great to meet up with people. There’s more detail and some pictures here.

On Friday I’m scheduled to visit BBC Radio Berkshire for an interview about what it’s like being a TV in Berkshire and in general. Billie and Kathie had first been approached but weren’t able to take part. When they mentioned the possibility to me I was happy to volunteer.

If you’re interested in listening in, the radio station can be listened to, live, online here. It’s the Anne Diamond show and I’m due to be there on Friday 2nd March from noon until about 12:45 pm UK time. Normally the show is hosted by Anne Diamond, but this week Bill Buckley is in charge. If you miss the live broadcast but would like to hear a recording then I think it’ll be available for about a week here.

I’m looking forwards to the experience, though I admit, with some nervousness. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be asked or what I’ll say. But that doesn’t particularly worry me. All I can do is say what I think and feel.

My thumb is feeling a lot better. Nail-less but also bandage-free. It looks a little odd, but so do I sometimes when I’m all dressed up.

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