Sunday, 13 October 2019

Mistaken Identities?

I read an article in the online Sunday Times entitled Gender reassignment: I’m man enough to admit that it was a mistake .

That's an exaggeration - I read the beginning of the article (the part that isn't behind the paywall) and I watched the video.

The article is categorised as being about Health, NHS and Religion.

It's about a man named Peter Benjamin who transitioned from male to female and then decided that it had been a mistake and "de-transitioned" back to male.

The article says that "He is speaking about his experience out of concern for people who, like him, change gender, only to find their lives as isolated and challenging as they were before."

If the points being made here things like:
  • people shouldn't approach gender reassignment without thinking hard and long about who they are
  • people do sometimes make mistakes and it's important not to rush into things
  • gender reassignment surgery will not solve every problem for every person that undergoes it
then I'm OK with it.

If the message, however includes anything like:
  • gender reassignment helps no one
  • God makes boys and girls and doesn't make mistakes, so trans people need to get over it and live the lives that God gave them
then I'm not at all OK with it.

If Peter Benjamin is in a happier place for himself than he was before then I'm glad for him.

In the video, he says:
I've got friends now. I've got people I can talk to.
I've got a church that I go to now.
All the crossdressing, all the transgender has gone, completely gone.
I feel so much better in myself. I don't fantasise about it. There's no lust there any more. It's completely, completely gone.
I am back to being who I was before, so that's how I'm going to liver my lie now. 
If his intentions are honestly just to help other people then maybe that's OK. Unless Peter or the church that he goes to are of the opinion that the way to help all trans people is to encourage them to carry on living lives according to their birth sex irrespective of any sense of gender dysphoria that they may have. In which case it is not at all OK.

In the end, I believe that we are all different. There isn't a one-size fits all answer to all of life's challenges. What might be right for Peter is not at all right for every single trans person on the planet.

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