Saturday, 12 May 2007

Foxes, makeup and DVDs

In retrospect ...

I need makeup.

Having experienced it I know that I do.

But its complicated. I've chatted with tgirls on the web and looked at web sites that offer advice. Feels like it will take forever to learn how to do it all.

But I need to start somewhere.

Vicky at TVChix had mentioned Charles Fox in Covent Garden. I'd thought of Boots. "Might be a bit busy" said Vicky. And I need foundation that matches my skin colour.

So ... about 1:00pm I set off. catch a train into London ... tube ... then walk towards Covent garden.

Not sure what I'll say. But I decide that I'll just walk in and get it over with.

In through the door ... walk to the counter ... then ... somehow I manage to explain I'm a transvestite ... but new to it all. The girl I am talking to is maybe 20 ... no more than 25. Young enough to be my daughter. I explain I need to buy some makeup ... but I have no clue at all.

She asks me do I want liquid foundation or a stick. I know nothing. Whatever is easiest I say.

She shows me the samples. Explains I need to get something that matches my skin colouration. Gets a sponge ... asks if it's OK to put a little on my face. Looks at it in the light. Tries another shade. Asks a few other assistants in the shop ... which is best .. is it for the stage? No ... just to wear. Looking in the mirror.

Somehow in all of this I felt comfortable. People were coming in and out of the shop ... but it didn't bother me. I felt safe ... accepted.

We select a colour. What else do I want? Well ... what else do I need?

Blush. A blusher brush. Eye shadow ... two shades ... eye brushes ... mascara ... lipstick ... lip brush ... lip liner pencil ... eye liner pencil ... lip brush.

Not cheap ... but not so bad. And not frightening.

As I leave the shop she says to me ... "I hope everything works out OK."

Next stop is Transformation near Euston Station.

"Can I help?"
"Yes ... do you have any DVDs on applying makeup."
"Here they are ..."

A nice chat with the lady at the shop.

Home kind of late. Wife is fine about it. A bit bemused. But OK.

Now ... more brushes than I'd need to paint the house.

What do I do with it all?

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Unknown said...

Hi andrea

I just came acros your page by chance. I am ama ke up artist used to working with t-girls, if you ever come across anyone looking for advice then please don't hesitate to get in touch.