Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Makeovers, birthdays, daughters and shopping

Well ... the makeup lesson was good. I didn't learn anything spectacularly new, but I find that kind of reassuring. Terry, the lady that ran it was lovely. Had lots of tips and suggested a different shade of foundation. It seems that I need to remove the makeup with a makeup remover and not just soap and water ... and I need to moisturise. I kinda like dabbing moisturiser on my face. Another of those things that I never really thought about before.

Terry wasn't able to make me look like a 25 year old ... but I can live with that :)

I think, in a way, the nicest thing is just to meet people and be in places where being a transvestite is no big deal.

I had a lovely chat with my daughter a few days ago. She's in Central America vacationing. She mentioned that some friends she has in Mexico know quite a few guys that are transvestites and she'd met some of them. She said it was a little odd at first ... but she got used to it. And she had a chance to talk about "her dad". It sounded as though it helped her a lot to see that it's not such a weird thing. Just a little unusual.

My birthday has just passed. That was very quiet in some ways ... and also very special.

On Sunday my wife took me shopping. That was really nice. We visited Debenhams and discovered that like everywhere at the moment there is a sale. And then there was Marks & Spencer's. I ended up with several short skirts and some blouses. Having learned the lesson that the size of a garment need not bear any resemblance to its actual size I decided I needed to try things on. That was less nervy than I thought it would be. The people at the shop don't seem to mind if a guy goes into the changing rooms with an armful of skirts and the other shoppers don't even notice.

When I got home from work on Monday there was an envelope and a few wrapped p pressies from my wife. The envelope said to Andy/Andrea. It's the first time that she's referred to me as Andrea .. and that was surprisingly emotional for me. I think that it's a feeling of acceptance.

At the weekend there is a wedding and also a BBQ with Surrey Swans. Both should be lovely occasions.

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