Saturday, 7 July 2007


The opportunity to surprise work colleagues with an impromptu announcement of Andrea during a tea break seems to have passed (Hobbies and being myself). A little after Friday lunch T announced she was leaving the company having lasted a whole two and a half days. I think that's a record for shortest serving employee since I joined the company - though there have been several short stays over the years.

Lunchtime conversation skirted around politics and taxation. I have an ambivalent view towards politics ... a little like my sexuality I guess :) Politics sometimes seem like a necessary evil.

There was a show on TV during the week about Cherie Blair (wife of ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair). Amongst the people being interviewed was Laura Bush (wife of current US president George Bush). I don't think I'd ever heard her speak before. Like many leaders wives she often appears in the background and hardly ever in the foreground ... at least not on TV in the UK.

I think that probably Tony Blair, George Bush and Gordon Brown and many other leaders are mostly guys doing what they think is right ... but under pressure also from all kinds of conflicting influences. Some of the influences are a lot less wholesome than others. It's a shame that they aren't often prepared to admit that they have made mistakes. It's also a pity I guess that the media often seem to jump on politicians that change their mind and seem to think that for someone to admit they made a mistake and make a change in policy is worse than perpetuating the mistake.

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