Monday, 25 January 2010

Christmas, New Year and Photographs

Well … 2009 already seems a long time ago.

A friend that was once the minister of the Baptist church that I used to attend (he’s moved on to pastures new … still working in a Christian capacity) mentioned Chris While and Julie Matthews on the Christmas card that we received … English Indigo Girls was the phrase that he used.

Of course, I couldn’t resist checking them out. They are at

I bought a copy of their ‘Best of …’ CD. And I have to admit it’s growing on me. There are some beautiful songs on it  … As Distant as the Poles … Even the Desert Bears a Seed … Steady Breathing … On My Way.

I like Class Reunion as well … the thought of standing in a line in my netball skirt has a peculiar attraction to me.

I listened to Poles Apart driving home from work tonight and it made me cry … not unhappily … more one of those yes I know what you mean kind of moments.

We spent Christmas in Wales. Almost no Internet which is quite a challenge these days. And no Andrea.

The absence of the opportunity to be Andrea still surprises me in the effect it has on me.

One evening, having got back home, Sally said … “why don’t I cook a nice meal tonight while you put on some makeup and a dress.”

It was really sweet of her.

There really are times when the putting on of Andrea is like laying the burden of everyday life down for a while. Not that everyday life is really much of a burden. I guess it’s … well I don’t know exactly … but … it does me good.

It’s a shame that putting on makeup takes such a long time!

The snow was pretty … but some of the side effects I could have lived without. Travelling to work became a problem. And Kathie and Billie had to cancel the January TV (as in Transvestite) dinner.

It seems trite to complain though. There are many people that live with much greater hardships than a single missed dinner … and it’s not as though I didn’t get to eat at home that evening.

Towards the end of 2009 I emailed Tracey & Nikki at TransFemme and booked a makeover for January 15th.

Just before then I had an email from Tracey … she has flu! She’s a sweetie though … she wasn’t feeling well at all but was only really worried that she didn’t want to pass it on and was giving me a chance to re-book.

I’d booked the afternoon off work though … and … schedules being schedules … it was going to be difficult to re-schedule.

So … I took the risk.

And I’m glad that I did. It was a great break from the routine of life.

The journey there was pretty uneventful … most of the snow had disappeared and the traffic was mostly moving well along the M4.

I got there almost exactly on time … so really ..l the traffic wasn’t all that good really … I’d allowed a fair bit of leeway.

We chatted over a coffee. Poor Tracey was very sniffly.

I love the kind of pampered feeling there is in being made up. It’s so relaxing somehow. And I find it a lot easier to sit still and not blink whilst someone is poking around with things close to my eyes.

After the makeup is completed … I try out the new velvety black dress that Sally helped me select just before Christmas.

Here’s how it looks:

Andrea 009_720x960

 Andrea 049_720x960

Andrea 053_720x960

Andrea 109_720x960

Andrea 150_720x960

Andrea 152_720x960

And then a red dress:

Andrea 171_720x960

Andrea 179_720x960

Andrea 268_720x960

Andrea 303_720x960

And a skirt:

Andrea 355_720x960

Andrea 384_720x960

Andrea 401_720x960

Andrea 406_720x960

There are quite a lot more at … let me know what you think … well … so long as they are nice thoughts.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Lookin' good, sweetie! All three outfits are wonderful. How do you achieve the cleavage?

Hey--stop by my blog again soon, OK?

Andrea said...

Thanks Dani ... you're a sweetie. I think the cleavage is just a lucky juxtaposition of the breast forms and my man boobs.