Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pink Punters

Last Saturday marked the occasion of another Pink Punters trip.

It would be cool if someone managed to make a razor that could remove body hair without also making little cuts. But the little cuts are few and they disappear quickly … and the alternatives of epilators, wax and cream don’t sound spectacularly better.

The one night excursion still requires a surprisingly large suitcase.

Laura arrives at a little before 4:00 pm and we set off and chat about Christmas, music, stockings, shopping, gender, Surrey Swans, TV (transvestite) dinners …

I realise that I have forgotten to bring a camera.

Ring ring …

My phone.

Once we work out where it is, Laura takes a look at it … since I’m driving.

“It’s Nikki" it says on the phone display.

The call is missed.

Laura calls back.

It’s quite a challenge. Engine noise. A bad line.

I smile as Laura and Nikki struggle to communicate. But they manage.

About 5:20 and we reach the hotel and check in.

I take room 9. Laura and Nikki room 7.

The ritual of dressing and makeup begins.

Nails were painted earlier in the day and are nice and dry.

Wash, deodorise, shave, moisturise.

Lingerie. The stocking and suspender belt thing is still a challenge … there is always one suspender that takes ages and ages and ages to fasten.

At least the nails and the polish survive intact.

Sometime … one day … maybe … I’ll practice more at this art …. and work out some new ingredients and combinations.

For now, it’s the usual makeup routine.

A text from Emma in room 118.

Eventually I’m ready … a patterned skirt and black shirt … and phone room 7 and room 118.

Knock knock.

Laura and I head for the hotel bar.

Tottenham Hotspurs are playing Leeds United on the TV. A half pint of Stella and a Budweiser. We sit and chat.

A little later Emma and Nikki join us. The food is a long time in coming, but we get a free drink and 20% discount on the food.

“What room are you in?” asks the waitress.

“007” says Nikki.

“What’s the name then?” asks Andrea.

“Bond. James Bond.” says Nikki.

“Damn. That should have been Jane not James.”

I change into a different skirt and blouse and knock on the door at 007.

Laura opens the door. She has great legs.

Nikki has a rubber … latex … well something like that anyway … dress on.

She disappears into the bathroom as Laura slides into a skirt and I perch on the end of one of the beds.

There’s a hissing sound from the bathroom and Nikki re-appears.

“Can you spray this on my back?” asks Nikki … handing me a can of silicone spray.

“What’s it for?”

“To make the rubber shiny.”

We head for the bathroom. Nikki faces the mirror and I start to spray.

It does look shiny.

Nikki sprays the belt.

And then tries to fasten it.

Shiny also means slippery.

The belt is tight and slippery. It needs stretching and pulling and fastens with poppers at the back.

Emma arrives and helpfully videos myself and Laura tugguing at Nikki’s belt.

After a while the poppers pop and the belt is fastened.

The end result looks great.

It’s  11:00 pm or so by the time we are signing in at Pink Punters. Nikki gets a pair of earplugs from the dispenser near the entrance.

As the evening passes we talk and dance.

“How long will it stay shiny for?” I ask Nikki.

Of course I was talking about the silicone coated rubber dress.

We discuss the relative merits of shaving, waxing, epilating and using cream as a mechanism for body hair removal.

“I just use cream where I can’t reach with a razor" says Emma.

“Oh … we really don’t want to go there” quips Nikki.

“I was talking about my back.”

“How are you doing?” asks a girl buying a drink at the bar.

We chat a while. Her name is Wendy … married with 3 children aged between 8 years and 18 months. It’s a girls night out.

She asks a bit about the transgendered thing.

Transsexual and Transvestite.

How long?

When did it start?

How does it feel to be dressed.

She says I look too young to have daughters aged 24 and 22 .. a definite friend.

It being Burns night … or pretty close at any rate ( … a group of kilted men and partners arrive. A little bit of makeup and a wig and wow … they would all be transformed.

Laura declines the challenge of finding out what exactly is being worn underneath the kilts.

“What do you mean?” asks Emma.

“Your skirt … its a tartan.”

“Oh … I thought you said I was a tart.”

“No … tartan … like the kilts.”

It’s about 4:00 pm as we leave.

Emma takes pictures of me failing to ascend climb up out of the grassy ditch … it’s not easy when you are wearing 4.5” heels.

At 7:00 am my phone wakes me with the kind of bleep that means it needs more electricity.

I turn it off and fall asleep again until the alarm wakes me at 10:00 am.

As always I enjoyed the night a lot.

And a few pictures that Laura took on her mobile phone.

Perched on the bed with Emma in tartan:


Nikki’s dress is kinda shiny isn’t it?



Sitting in the corner at Pink Punters with Emma:


When Nikki and Emma email me some of the pictures that they took I’ll post them here.

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