Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Friends, God and Transvestites

Elina …. you are so sweet!

A couple of weeks ago I caught up a little with a friend from several years ago on yahoo chat. I hadn’t seen her online for quite a while … pre-Andrea.

“How are things?”

“Good thanks. Different but good. How about you?
”Good … and different as well.”

Pam is still very much a Christian … but, I think, in a different kind of place than a few years ago.

She spends a while sharing things that have happened and how things are different.

“And how about your differences?”

“Well … does the term transvestite mean anything to you?”

“A guy that crossdresses?”

“Yes … well … I am one.”


I’m kind of surprised.

Over the next little while I mention my blog.

She says I look good :).

“Maybe God had made you this way so you can better understand women.”

It’s a perspective I haven’t really considered before.

It’s nice to be in touch again.

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