Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happiness … joy … sadness … despair

Once in a while when I drive home from work I’m listening to the 6:00 pm news on Radio 4.

Once in a while, when a news item touches me, I turn it off to drive and think.

Last week there was a bus that crashed in Scotland. On it’s way taking a group of kids from Lanark to Alton Towers – an adventure theme / entertainment park in England.

Not kids really – they were sixth formers … mostly aged 17 I would guess.

One of the pupils, a 17 year old girl named Natasha, died in the accident.

Incidents like this touch me somehow.

Life is such a strange kind of an affair.

Happiness and joy never very far away from sadness and despair.

I feel a sadness and desolation for the parents of Natasha.

Each day, I know, the same kind of thing happens to many people. People that I don’t know. Events that I will never hear of.

It’s difficult to discover meaning.

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