Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sparkle, Swans, Vibrations and Dancing

Last Sunday was a Surrey Swans evening.

As ever … really good to get a chance to see people … Laura, Billie, Kathie, Tina, Emma …

We talked about Sparkle … what we might do when we get there … will we go to the ball … what will we wear … what time will we arrive …

I bought the usual two raffle tickets … and won a bottle of wine!

To use an English colloquialism … part way through the evening I need to spend a penny.

It’s amazing the things I am still discovering.

On previous visits to the Surrey Swans venue (which is just a regular kind of pub), when I’d needed to visit the loo I’d been to the unisex disabled room. On this occasion it was occupied so I popped into the ladies.

I was amazed at what you could purchase there whilst visiting … so I took a picture of the vending machine … and here it is:


Well … the fruity condoms aren’t so unusual I guess …

I have no idea at all what you can buy in the gents toilets.

We also spent a while discussing Pink Punters … we have a trip there organised f0r May 8th.

The first time ever that I visited Pink Punters was on May 9th 2008. You can read all about it here.

Dianne took some video of the dancing lesson that I had then. I posted some stills way back then … and at long last have posted the whole thing … and here it is:


If you look carefully you get glimpses of Laura and Sarah as well as me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, seems like you had a good time. Missed you though, so nice to be able to read what you've been up to. Thanks for the mention. x