Friday, 27 September 2019

Human Library Revisited

Back in March 2018 I wrote about my experience of being a Human Book at a Human Library here.
On Saturday October 5yth 2019 I'm repeating the experience, with a slightly different title.
There's some info below.
Come along and meet some human books if you're able to.

Saturday 5 October 2019

11am – 2pm

Windsor Baptist Church / Tree House Café

Victoria Street, Windsor, close to Victoria Street Car Park

A unique opportunity to step into another’s shoes
and understand life from a different perspective.
Just like in a real library, a visitor to the Human Library
can choose from a range of titles.
The difference is that books are people and reading is a conversation.
Come along between 11am and 2pm to have a 10 minute conversation with a Human Book of your choice, and broaden your understanding of human life.
Tea and Coffee available.
“Gender Fluidity: My life as Andy and Andrea ”
“From Colombian Cartels to Argentine Tango ”
“A Decade on Stage: From Peer Gynt to Britain’s Got Talent”
“My Mental Health Journey” “From Homed, to Homeless, to Homed again”
“From Yorkshire to Wales: Homesickness and Building New Life”
“Mental Health in the Family” “Living with Domestic Violence”
“Giving Away Millions: My Charity Work for the Lions”
“Angel of the Night: My work as a Street Angel” “Depression: The Black Fog”
“A Force for Good: Getting Involved in Local Politics”
“My Restorative Justice Meeting with the Person Who Harmed Me”
“My passion for the Environment, From Boyhood to Now”
Don’t judge a book by its cover!

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