Monday, 21 June 2010

Party on the Lawn and TV Evangelists

Last Saturday(June 19th) I went along to Party on the Lawn with Sally (wife) and Sarah (elder daughter).

A really nice day. Chris While and Julie Matthews were great … as were all the other folk that played.

Jim Crawford was especially good. Sarah said he was the only person that had her laughing at his jokes … they seemed unrehearsed. He made me smile when he introduced one song something like this …

“My next song was inspired by one of my pet hates … TV Evangelists … or … as we call them in our house … bastards.”

I’m sure that not all TV evangelists are. But the good natured way in which Jim said it made me smile.

He said his first ever gig was at an old people’s home in Rochdale … my home town … though Jim himself is from Bury.

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