Saturday, 23 June 2007

Shopping ... fun ?

Today was a bit of a treat. An opportunity to shop a little.

Until fairly recently shopping has always seemed to be a necessary evil. I have a different perspective on things at the moment.

I'm still learning ... or trying to at least. What clothes do I like? What suits me? Where's the best place to buy from?

A couple of weeks ago I decided I'd try the charity shops.

I'm still not totally free of nerves when I shop for Andrea.

I park the car and walk up the stairs to the shopping level. Then a little visit to each of the shops. Most of the people there seem to be elderly ladies ... a little like Andrea ... in the sense of being elderly at least. Not many men in there ... but a few.

I look at the books ... pretending to be interested, but not at all interested.

I walk past the racks of clothes ... pretending to be not at all interested ... but wanting to stop and look.

The second shop is easier. By now I'm feeling more relaxed. Able to look at the sizes ... work out how things are organised. There are some nice skirts and blouses. No one is taking any notice of me at all. Really that's always how it has been. A kind of worry in my head that people will stare. But in reality ... no one is bothered.

Then another shop. And another. Then the final pass through to make purchases.

A medium length denim skirt, a long denim skirt, a tiny denim skirt ... OK I like denim I guess.

A long black pleated skirt. A short black skirt. A tartan pleated skirt. OK ... I like skirts.

A nice diagonally striped shirt. A white pleated shirt. A nice oriental top.

A necklace. A bracelet.

Just as well charity shops don't charge big prices :)

That was the end of the "planned" shopping. Now for the impulse.

Another town. Another car park.

Shoes with less than 4.5" heels. But size 11 or close to. Calling in at Evans ... a size 10 pair of sandals. Not perfect .. but not bad.

Then to Boots. I cannot believe how long I spend comparing lipsticks. I mean ... lipsticks. I want something that doesn't disappear from my lips after twenty minutes or so. In the end I chose some that says it lasts up to seven hours ... and ... nail polish ... at least it was free with the lip gloss. The lip gloss was an impulse though. I had to have a little discussion with the lady at the till about the nail polish ... the computer didn't think that it was free. It took a walk round to the aisle with an assistant to convince us both that I wasn't imagining special offers.

Then to Primark. Stockings and a shirt.

At last ... home.

I make some discoveries. The term "size 16" is almost meaningless. Three size 16 skirts fit. And the rest don't. A similar story with the shirts.

I discover as well that the shirt I got from Primark is the same as one from the charity shop. Same size same design. The odd thing is that the charity shop charged the same price ... and even though it has the same size marked on the label ... it is smaller.

One day I'll maybe be brave enough to try the things on at the shop.

Once everything has been tried on there's a chance to try some makeup. Over a week since there has been an opportunity. Eyes are tricky things to paint around. And lips as well. But in the end I'm pleased.

It's strange ... shopping is something that I'm beginning to enjoy.

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