Monday, 25 May 2009


I managed, at last, a trip to CandyGirls ( at the weekend. I had planned on getting there over the Easter period but the event had been cancelled because of a flood.

Well, the wait wait was worthwhile.

Going anywhere new can always be a little daunting. Especially alone. So on Saturday morning as I mulled the idea over again, I mmmmm’d and ahhhhhhh’d a little.

But anyway, I phoned to check that the night was on.

Sally is a way for a few days and has the SatNav, so it was back to printing Google directions and map snippets. At 12 miles and 28 minutes, not too bad at all.

Round about 7:45 pm began the ritual of shaving, dressing and makeup. I’d already decided what I’d wear so that was relatively easy.

My nails had been polished the night before and I managed the stockings and suspenders with no cusses … even the back right one popped into place first time.

The skirt covered the stocking tops.

By about 9:15 I was ready to roll. I took some tights just in case the stockings misbehaved.

Only one wrong turn on the journey … and it was about 9:45 that I pulled into a paring space.

A little nervously I change shoes – from the fairly low heeled ones that I drive in to the 4.5 inch heels that I like most. Then step out and head for the club.

The nervousness is only mild, but a little more than I had expected.

I am expecting that Julie and Kat (Cat?) will be there. I met them almost a year ago now at the Trans Femme summer party last year. They had said that they get along to CandyGirls on most club nights.

It takes just a few minutes to become a member … and there I am at the bar.

Orange juice with ice.

And there is Julie … and Cat. Great to see them again. Both such friendly, lovely people. Introducing me to everyone … I really do need to work out a better way of remembering names.

People there are easy going, easy to talk with and really very friendly. Really nice atmosphere.

For quite a lot of the evening I chat with Stef who is visiting with Julie and Cat. Stef is lovely … easy to talk with.

Julie gives us a short conducted tour of the place … introducing us to people as we go.

We spend a little while talking with another Stephanie and Pollyanna. It makes me smile when Pollyanna mentions hassle with computers and says she doesn’t understand the fascination that people have with twittering and blogging … she prefers to live in the real world.

I spend a while chatting with Jackie and then Audene … who gives me a system to remembering her name … like the poet she says … but with an “e” on the end.

Orange juices and lemonades … more conversation with Stef and Julie and Cat and others.

Here I am with Stef:




And Stef with Julie:



In what seems like no time at all it’s 2:45 am. So it’s bye byes and the short drive home. Hardly any traffic at all.

A really great evening … the first of many visits, I hope.

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