Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pink Punters

Saturday afternoon after the Windsor walkabout.

The doorbell chimes and Laura arrives, looking great as ever.

Sally arrives soon afterwards and expresses amazement at the size of the suitcase standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Andrea simp;y raise her hands in the air in a “what’s a girl to do” kind of way.

Laura and I head for the car and set off for Fenny Stratford … the home of Pink Punters.

The journey is pleasantly uneventful. Plenty of traffic but no delays.  Chatting and listening to music,

We arrive at the Campanile hotel just after 5:00 pm. The reception staff see lots of tgirls so there are no awkward looks and no embarrassment.

I spend the next quite a while removing makeup, shaving, reapplying makeup and dressing. Somehow I manage to put my thumb through a stocking as I’m putting it on.

We have dinner at the hotel. Three other tgirls are there as well.

Then a change in clothing and the short trip across the road.

As seems to be usual at 9:00pm things are quiet … people seem to arrive after 11:00.

Sitting at the bar, talking and sipping drinks, a girl says to us “y’know … if I were a guy I’d be the biggest trannie in the world”.

The evening … and early hours of the morning pass very nicely. It’s amazing how quickly. A little dancing, talking and a few pictures.



And legs:




A couple of girls took this one:


The conversation is varied … even with a little politics and religion. Laura asks how it was that I got disconnected from the church and I try to explain.

We talk a little about the roads that led us to positions where we felt able to wear a dress and makeup in public. Places we buy clothes. Makeup choices.  Families. Friends. The way that different people react differently to the whole TV thing. The way that things … and opinions … and society change as time passes. Music. Star Trek.

After no time at all it’s 4:00 am. Crossing the road back to the hotel. Negotiating the grassy ditch. The man in the car.

A few hours sleep.

The journey home.

A lovely evening.

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Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Star Trek? Star Trek! You are (or were) a Trekker? In my other life, I worked with the folks who ran the original ST cons in New York 'way back in the early '70s!